Olga's Short Curriculum Vitae

Mad Cricket Productions is hosted by Olga Volozova

Curriculum vitae

Olga Volozova was born in Russia,
at the shore of the Caspian Sea. At the
age of 16 she moved to Moscow. 
There she graduated from the State 
Institute of Theatre Arts. She
specialized in playwriting and puppetry.
 In Moscow she started publishing
her  puppet plays and fairy tales. 
After having moved to US 
she entered the graduate program at UCLA
Animation Workshop; she got her MFA
 in Film & TV/Animation.
Olga Volozova is an L.A.-based 
she does illustration, cartoons, 
children's books, graphic novels, web design;
 some of her projects 
involve puppets, claymation, optical toys,
 paper theatre and dioramas.
Olga's book The Airy Tales has been published 
by Sparkplug Comic Books ( Portland, Oregon)
Her  book in collaboration with Juliacks
"Rock That Never Sleeps" 
 - two fantasy stories  about  the loss of memory -
 has been also published by the Sparkplug,
 as well as her recent graphic novel
 " The Golem of Gabirol"
 based on the legends about the famous kabbalist
 who lived in Spain of 11th century.
Olga is fond of experimentation
 with different techniques.
 She writes fairy tales and she doodles a lot.

Contact: madcricket@netscape.net

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