June 2014, my paintings "Lunar Caravan " and " Purple Sycamore" at display on Sunset Blvd, LA

  June 8, 2014, Open House at Lark Gallery, West Hollywood, LA  

May 11-June 8, 2014 Art Ark Show, Lark Gallery, West Hollywood, LA



April11-April 28, 2014 DEEP ROOTS SHOW at Pico House Gallery, Downtown LA


March 31, 2014 Laughter Show at Lark Gallery, West Hollywood, LA



March 29, 2014 Dream Party, art exhibit at Theatre Schkaf

May 22-23 2010 SilverLake Jubilee Book Signing at the Molossus table

June 5th 2009 Eye Level BQE Gallery:>Future Ink Exhibition Opening 9 p.m.- midnight

June 6th and 7th 2009 MOCCA Festival at the Armory in NYC

presenting THE AIRY TALES( O. Volozova)

and ROCK THAT NEVER SLEEPS (collaboration with Juliacks)

June 6th 2009Giant Robot New York

Book signing featuring Windy Corner Magazine #3, Rock that Never Sleeps, Crooked Teeth after MOCCA Festival

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