Coming soon: the fairy/airy tales series "Town of Selenia"... each story tells about one of the Seleninos...    
This is the first one, "Mortimer Mirk".    
coming soon: WHEN PEOPLE WERE TRAMS, a graphic novel in the making    

coming soon...FATA MORGANA

is a story from the supposed series " The Little Historical Theatre of Fate"

where the life stories of some famous and not that famous people are shown as if condensed

to the short scripts of the puppet performance… their lives are seen as a material for

the Fate Herself creating stories for Her theatre.

The media is: paper "theatre" box and paper cut-outs, combined with ink and pen.

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"The Airy Tales" by Olga Volozova, published by the Sparkplug Books, Portland, OR.Click here to find it .    
another review  
and another review    
Alternative Book Expo, November 2008 San Francisco; with Dylan Williams (my publisher!)  
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Golem of Gabirol is in the Best American Comics Notables for 2014!
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interview with Emily Nilsson
interview with David Shook
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A graphic story from the series "Tales of Giants" by Olga Volozova.    

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